Our Ministries

Our Ministries

CBY Ko'ach

The young adult community of Congregation Beth Yeshua, dedicated to unity and growth through the power of Messiah.  

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Youth Program

Congregation Beth Yeshua youth group is for teens and preteens ages 11-18. It consists of youth who meet regularly to study scripture, worship and pray together, to fellowship and have fun doing different social activities and to do services projects in our local community. 

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Infants - 5th Grade

To develop  a relationship with the Living  G-d  of Israel through  Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.To experience     
G-d  in a profound way through the power that comes from being filled with the  Ruach  HaKodesh. 

Dance & Worship

We believe dance is wonderful example of praise to the Lord. We follow King David’s example when he “danc[ed] before the Lord with all his might (2 Samuel 6:14).”

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