I Am, Debra Chernoff…..

Debra Chernoff: Messianic Jewish Teacher, Songwriter and Worship Leader

For over 30 years, Debbie has actively served in ministry alongside her husband, Rabbi David Chernoff, leader of Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia. In that time she has honed her skills in ministry as counselor, teacher/speaker, worship leader, songwriter, women’s ministry director and so much more. Debbie regularly leads prayer meetings, and a weekly women’s Bible study and speaks at conferences and other congregations.

Talented also as a singer and song writer, Debbie has written hundreds of fresh, Messianic songs that are sung by various Messianic artists, including Marty Goetz, Kol Simcha, and Greg Silverman, as well as sung throughout the movement.  She recorded a CD called All Things New.

Debbie loves to teach the Word of God, to bring its strength and encouragement to people in all stages of their lives. She is available to speak at retreats, luncheons, fellowships, special groups and Bible Studies.  If you are interested in having Debbie speak at your event, please contact her at