ELIHANA ELIA אליחנה אליה

Elihana Elia (Hebrew: אליחנה אליה) is an Israeli singer, songwriter, producer, teacher of the Tanach (Bible) and young spokesperson for Israel.
Elihana is passionate about creating inspirational music with messages of faith in the God of Israel, hope and love for this generation. She has great passion for G-d, the Tanach (Bible) and the state of Israel. Elihana learned music with her mother and has been singing since a very young age. She was born in the USA. Elihana moved with her family from the USA and worked in ministry in Brazil for 6 years before she permanently moved to Israel. Elihana served the Israel Defense Forces and was honourably released as a sergeant in 2018.

Elihana’s life devotion is to use music as a tool to bring hope and to strengthen the faith of others and to comfort God’s chosen people, Am Israel (the people of Israel).

Besides her dedication in music, Elihana serves as one of the directors of the non- profit organisation called “Restore Israel and the Nations”. Elihana travels around the world, teaching Tanach (Bible) and educating the nations about the importance of standing with Israel in this generation, building bridges of reconciliation and peace between the nations with Israel.

Elihana has released many albums in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her latest 3 albums are from 2018, that was released in Hebrew together with English “The Lion of Judah Roars from Zion”, in Spanish “El Viene en un Caballo Blanco” and in Portuguese “O Leao de Juda Ruge de Siao”.

We pray our music is a blessing to you and brings you closer to the God of Israel.

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